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We provide support and repairs for most computers, laptops, tablets, phones, cameras and accessories. We also supply chargers, batteries and accessories 99% of repairs are completed in our workshop and we typically provide a minimum of 1 hour to two days turn around depending on the device for the majority of our repairs. Walk-ins are welcome. For scheduled service, please book a repair.



If you are unable to bring your IT gear to us, we can come to you. We provide offsite support to businesses and home users to minimise disruption. If you are IT dependent and you need immediate support, including after hours, call us now  03 428 4293



Setting up a network for your home or business enables file sharing among devices, and users. You can share documents, music, photos and other media. This also means that your important items are accessible in a number of ways and backed up on other devices. Printers, scanners, security cameras, webcams, smart TVs, gaming consoles and other peripherals can be shared through a network. Wireless networks mean you can say goodbye to a spaghetti junction of cables and you no longer need to be tethered by a cable to enjoy your gear. Talk to us about your requirements for business or home.



Do you like VR? Do you know your HMD from your AR? We can build it. We specialise in all kinds of targeted computer builds from power number crunchers for office users to eye-splitting gaming rigs and VR platforms. Whatever it is you need, or if you’re not sure what’s possible, come in and talk to us.



Upgrades always sound simple and seldom are. Before you consider upgrading, give us a call to make sure you are aware of the implications of upgrading. We can often provide same day service for upgrades and your gear can be returned to you with an orientation to the changes. To schedule an upgrade service, please book a repair



New devices come with new technology to learn. New gear is typically capable of so much more and unless you know the ins and outs already, it’s likely you will underutilise what you have just acquired. Data migration, from retiring gear to new, can also be a challenging part of switching over to new gear. Let us set up your new device for you. We can make this transition faultless and effortless. We can then show you around and make sure you’re ready to boot.



Data can sometimes be recovered from a damaged hard drive. This type of damage occurs from a number of things including; electrical faults, software corruption, water or fire damage, mechanical failure, human error, or from being dropped. The early signs of hard drive failure include; trouble booting, some applications failing to load, crashing and clicking or clunking noises. If you have any of these symptoms, shut down your computer, discontinue use and bring it in for repair before risking data loss. If it’s too late for that and you suspect your hard drive has failed, we can attempt to recover the data.



One on one or small group lessons is available on demand for individuals, groups or businesses. Tuition can save you time, frustration and money. We can provide tuition on Cloud Storage, File Sharing, Netflix, Basic computer skills and email, PC to Mac conversion, and much more. If you'd like to book us for a group lesson, please get in contact.



Virtual Reality Systems are an exciting development in home computing. Yes, for your home! This technology is immersive. If you’re not sure what virtual reality is, or you have memories of “Lawnmower Man”, come on down to our shop and see for yourself. Try out a demo - it’s virtually impossible to leave your reality unchanged. We now have a Kat Walk Mini on display for you to try and even purchase. Next door to our shop we have our new venture Realm, a fully immersive kinetic VR experience.


Where are we? We are actually reasonably easy to find. If you're in Wanaka, follow this map below. When you get to Spencer House Mall, head down to the back left corner - you'll see REALMVR. This is where you'll find our reception. 



LANS are a gamer’s ultimate social gathering. We will also be hosting LANS in conjunction with other national and international events. Like us on facebook to receive notifications of these events, check out our website, or join our mailing list.